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The secret to our success is simple: we actually like the law.  That's it.  That's what sets us apart.  It's why we spend the extra time perfecting our litigation strategies.  It's why we look forward to meeting our adversaries in court.  Litigation is what we enjoy doing, and that's why we win.

What that means for you is simple but significant; it means you get a different kind of representation from your attorney.  You'll be represented by someone who is engaged in your case, and who's excited to fight for you.  It means you're not getting an attorney who is simply looking to cash whatever checks they can get to come their way.  It means you're not pinning your case's success or failure to an attorney who would rather be doing anything but law.  Simply put, it means everything.

We live and breathe for this.  We're successful because we're energized by what we do, and we're serious about how we do it.  We aren't afraid to change antiquated and obsolete law firm ideas, and we strive to bring the practice of law into the twenty-first century.  Our clients trust us but also believe in us.  We make sure we validate that trust and earn that belief.



You won't read multiple statements on our website at the end of every paragraph telling you that you must "call now!".  You won't be hounded with pop-ups on every new page insisting that you put in your contact information.  We're not the firm that advertises on the sides of buses and on park benches.  David S. Schwartz Law, PLLC may be the perfect fit to represent you.  It also might not be.  If you think we might be the right firm to handle your legal matter, you can see the ways to get in touch with us here.  We'll answer any questions you may have, explain how our firm operates, and provide our feedback.  No hard sell.  No pressure.  


We believe it is in your best interest to call multiple attorneys, to speak with them, ask them questions, listen to what they have to say, and only then make an informed decision on who you believe would best represent you.  Compare your conversations with us to your consultations with other attorneys.  Analyze,  evaluate, and scrutinize.  A year from now in the midst of litigation, you'll be glad you spent the extra time finding the right attorney to represent you.

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