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David S. Schwartz Law defends small businesses in litigation involving nearly all employment and labor law issues and claims.  With experience defending employers and insurers in employment lawsuits, our firm has the expertise to expertly defend your business, the acumen to consider the business impact of legal decisions, and a thorough understanding of the necessity to keep the costs of litigation low.  Our firm works exclusively with small businesses and start-ups, and we work diligently with every client to craft a winning legal strategy without breaking the bank.


Many great attorneys can unfortunately be awful business people.  Having an attorney who understands not just the legal issues in your case but also the business concerns is vital.  When consulting with attorneys, it is a good idea to inquire as to their knowledge of your industry, and to evaluate their ability to make sound business judgments in addition to legal ones.


At DSS Law, instead of using the hourly rate method often used by other firms, you can opt to pay a low flat fee at the start of different stages of the litigation, so that you can always know exactly what your legal costs are. 




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Counseling and Compliance:

With the rapidly changing landscape of employment and labor laws in New York, it can be difficult to make sure your business stays in compliance.  DSS Law counsels small businesses on various matters concerning employment and labor laws and how they pertain to our clients' companies. We advise businesses regarding best practices and processes for various employment decisions, making sure your business is in compliance with the various laws so you can avoid lawsuits, and making sure your business in the best possible position in the event that you are ever faced with a lawsuit in the future.

Drafting Employment Documents:

The language, terms, and provisions in employment agreements, contracts, and documents can have extensive consequences on a business's potential liability in a lawsuit, as well as a business's ability to protect its interests.  With our experience drafting a plethora of employment related agreements, our firm can assist your business with drafting employment contracts, non-disclosure agreements, severance agreements, and more.  We will never give you a one-size-fits-all template agreement.  We work with you to understand your business and its needs, and we tailor everything we draft for you to meet those specific needs.

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