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Employment contracts are binding agreements which lay out the terms and conditions of an employee's employment.  These terms and provisions in employment agreements can have a massive impact on many  facets of an employment relationship, and may include obligations that survive even after the employment has ended.  Some examples include non-compete provisions, non-solicitation provisions, and non-disclosure provisions. 


Employment contracts vary significantly depending on the particular industry, the parties contracting, and the rights and obligations the contract seeks to create. An employment contract is not the same as an employee handbook.  Employment contracts for a set employment term will often include many of the following provisions: length of the employment; salary, benefits, and commission and bonus (if any); job duties and responsibilities; method of renewal and notice procedure for non-renewal; termination for cause and a description of what constitutes cause, and; non-compete provision.  An employment agreement for a term of employment longer than one year must be in writing under the New York Statute of Frauds.

Contracts in employment are often reviewed and analyzed by the courts differently than contracts in other areas.  At DSS Law, our attorneys regularly handle contracts specifically dealing with employment law issues. This allows us to better advise our clients on the particulars of contract law as it relates to employment issues.




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